Both Goldthorpe and Hickleton enjoy sung Masses using the modern Roman Rite. Each church has a small non robed choir. The choirs join together for weddings, funerals and for Feast days and Holy days of obligations.

The members of the choir are also involved in other none church based choirs around South Yorkshire.
Our Parish Organists are Mark Goodwin at Goldthorpe and Andrew Taylor at Hickleton.

Goldthorpe Organ

This is the second Organ in the Parish church and came from The Church of the Ascension, Maltby. It was completely rebuilt and renovated when installed at Goldthorpe. The case was slightly modified and the Fifteenth rank was added. The full cost of these works were paid out of the bequest in memory of Bertha Richardson who was not only a local celebrity known for her wonderful award winning garden but was also a great lover of music.

Swell Great Pedals Couplers
Horn 8ft Fifteenth 2ft Bourdon 16ft Swell to Great
Mixture II Rks Principal 4ft Flute 8ft Swell to Pedal
Flute Harmonique 4ft Flute Douce 8ft Great to Pedal
Geigen Principal 8ft Open Diapason 8ft
Rohr Gedact 8ft
Vox Angelica 8ft
Viola Da Gamba 8ft

Hickleton Organ

Swell Great Pedals Couplers
Oboe 8ft Flute Harmonique 4ft Bourdon 16ft Swell to Pedal
Principal 4ft Stopped Dinpason 8ft Soft Bass Great to Pedal
Kermlophon 8ft Dulciana 8ft
Lieblich Gedact 8ft Open Diapason 8ft