Together with the rest of the world,  we are trying to our best to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and risk of infection.

All public worship in Great Britain is suspended until the risk of catching Corona Virus has passed. Our churches will remain open for private prayer at the times advertised at each church. If you come to church, please keep to the rules about social distance and hand sanitising. Please think of both yourself and others when it comes to passing this virus on. Sunday Mass from Goldthorpe will be streamed live from 10.25am each Sunday morning and people are encouraged to watch from home and make their spiritual communion if possible.

Only those who are well, with no symptoms, have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms, do not consider themselves at risk or a risk to others should enter any public place.

Hand sanitiser is available when entering our Churches and we would ask that all the standard guidance concerning hand hygiene, safe distance, use and disposal of tissues etc are followed.

If you have any concerns, or require additional support please contact the Vicar.

Thank you.